Announcement by ChildrenOnTour

We are gathering cases of Unaccompanied Minors (children flying unaccompanied with an airline) who are victims of child trafficking.

Airline Unaccompanied Minor schemes (UM) have been used by traffickers for years, allowing children to be flown alone from place to place with no record of where they end up and little to no risk for their abusers. Closing these loopholes in airline services is Children on Tour’s primary mission.

If you are (or know) a person who was trafficked as a child by adults who paid for your plane ticket, including the UM fee to fly you from one country/city to another country/city, where a person then picked you up at the airport for trafficking purposes, then please get in touch with ChildrenOnTour by e-mail, or call us at +31 6 52087119. We are ready to listen to you and accept your disclosure of what you have been through, which will remain confidential.

We would like to see whether it is possible to help you obtain the legal representation to start a civil lawsuit against the airline, state, United Nations and others who didn’t protect you from being trafficked, as the Law says they must, to ensure you are compensated for your suffering, and that the crime you endured is properly recorded.

ChildrenOnTour continues to develop its campaign since its founding 9 years ago. The ultimate aim is the total prevention of children being trafficked via the airline Unaccompanied Minor services. For this, the rules and procedures for the UM airline services need to be changed, and we will continue to campaign tirelessly towards that objective.

Thank you,

Unaccompanied children travelling by air, a human rights issue.