Our Mission

We are dedicated to closing the loopholes in airline rules that allow traffickers to fly their child victims as unaccompanied minors, transporting their product to pedophiles globally.

What we do

We are dedicated to stopping the swift and easy use of airlines by child trafficking rings to transport their victims globally. Anyone can drop a child off at an airport, and hire an unaccompanied minor service to get the child through security and onto an airline. At the destination the child is escorted by another UM service through customs and handed off to whatever name is supplied to them in the UM paperwork. The trafficker doesn’t even have to enter the departure airport. On the other end, it can also be a representative of the pedophile, brothel or trafficker – even a car service. Just so long as the ID matches the name supplied on the UM paperwork. We believe this is not enough.

At present there is more done to keep nail clippers off planes. Certainly there is a lot done to try and keep weapons and people on the no-fly list off airplanes, and we feel that attention should also be given to the voiceless victims who are flown alone, on tour from abuser to abuser. There are also news stories of many high-profile people who have been involved in sex-parties and other scandals with underage victims, usually termed ‘hookers’ or ‘prostitutes.’ Yet no one usually goes into the details of where the children came from, how they were sold, (who sold them and for how much). Authorities seem to be ignoring some of the better known pedophelia rings and their victims, even though catalogs and databases containing faces and ages of children for sale have been brought to light.

Unlike refugees who often have to pay their own way out of their home country, children, particularly the homeless and orphans, are scooped up in numbers after natural disasters or from third world countries and sold to clients in richer markets. Some are put on tour, going from country to country, earning the traffickers money each time they are resold. Flying is relatively inexpensive, and it can take only a few hours to get a child to the next pedophile. The unaccompanied minor service is flawed. First, our goal is to make people aware that there is a problem. This does exist, it is happening in countries large and small all over the world. And no one knows the exact numbers. Whether it is 1 or 100 trafficked per day, we feel that every child matters. With the Unaccompanied Minor movie and book, our online campaigns and websites, we hope to bring this problem to the public. For airlines, airports and law enforcement we can come speak, do a presentation, offer possible solutions, and work with you to train employees in how to recognize possible victims. In the meantime we are also out in the field, and working with similar advocates and groups to help save child victims and stop traffickers.

The Price of a Child

Brazil - $2 (sex with a 10-year-old)
Haiti - $150 (buys a live-in 11-year-old, permanently)
Peru - $12.50 (30 min. with a 12-16-year-old)
England - $100 (sex with a "very, very young girl")
America - $200 ("erotic massage" with a 14-year-old)

As you can see from the graph, there is immediate profit to be made taking child victims from low markets to high markets. Using an airline’s unaccompanied minor services, a child can be shipped from one country to the next in a matter of hours, with little or no risk to traffickers or pedophiles. Under current laws, anyone can drop off the child at an airport, and anyone can pick them up. In between and through customs, the child is alone or with an airport/airline representative – who often has no training or authority to ask questions, or to verify whether the child is a victim.


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