Unaccompanied Minor

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Unaccompanied Minor is a completed action/drama feature film script, inspired by a true story, about a man who put his life on the line to save a child when no one else would.

Logline: A lowly Passenger Assistant accidentally uncovers a pedophilia ring operating through a busy European airport, and goes on the run with a young girl in order to save her from traffickers. When his attempts to get help from the police and other authorities fail, he struggles to smuggle the girl to safety outside the country before they are both captured by either the criminal ring or the police.

We are seeking to get this story to the big screen, where it will have the most impact. Without pressure from the public, and awareness that a problem exists, the authorities and airlines have been reluctant to close the loopholes to traffickers. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it is 1 child or 100 children that are trafficked on airlines each day. Every one counts. The same money that is being spent to keep nail clippers and bottled water off planes, can help keep traffickers from being able to easily drop off a child in one location, who is then delivered into the arms of a pedophile hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Unaccompanied Minor won the 2015 Moondance International Film Festival in the Feature Screenplay category, and has picked up several more awards since then. We are looking to partner with Hollywood connections who are advocates for anti-trafficking, or who feel as passionate about speaking up for the voiceless, forgotten, and often unseen victims of child trafficking as we do.

C.O.T. founder Rob Waterlander & screenwriter Kitania Kavey at the New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam,
where “Unaccompanied Minor” won Best Feature Screenplay.


Unaccompanied Minor (the novel) is also available at fine booksellers everywhere in paperback, and is available in most e-versions including Apple Books, Kindle, Kobo, Nook and PDF.